Customization Makes Your Chair Special

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Customization is big here at Off Your Rocker.  You don't have to settle for whatever you find in a big box store or elsewhere online.  Since I started my business I've always offered ways to customize your chair to make it fit you perfectly. 

You'll find most other rockers out there to have a back frame that's way too short,  especially if you want to rest your head (number one request from my customers).  So if you're on the shorter side a standard sized chair will work great, these are perfect for folks up to about 5'8" or so.  I also offer a taller back that's 2 + inches higher and works great for people in the six foot range. 


My standard size chairs have a seat that's about 20.5" wide.  This is great for most people.  But if you want something a bit roomier I also offer a wide seat option that's 2" wider at about 22.5".  I've had quite a few customers who've really appreciated this little bit of extra width,  it helps them get really comfy. 

I always tell customers my standard seating is great,  very comfy and like a good office chair.  You could also compare it to a good car seat,  a little on the firmer,  supportive side (but not hard by any means) and very comfy.  I also offer something call the Premium Seating which is a seat frame with natural jute webbing in place of a solid piece of composite,  so it allows for a bit more "give" and feels a bit softer. Whichever seat you choose - it's about a 50/50 split,  you'll find that my chairs give great support and are not squishy soft like a lot of recliners.  Trust me, a too-soft chair is not great for you back or you hips/thighs,  more support is always better. 

Another great way to customize your order is to pick your own fabric and sent it to me. I've made a lot of chairs with customer's own fabric through the years.  Just message me first so I can coach you on what to look for in terms of thickness and content to be sure it's something I can work with. 

Even if you don't customize your chair and pick something that's on my website as is,  you can be sure you'll be getting a chair that's solidly built, very comfy and great value!

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