Sixty And A Few Thoughts

Posted by Frank Bray on

I just turned 60 this past week. So I've been at this rocking chair stuff since I was about 40 and started Off Your Rocker at 41. In this pic I'm about 45, a little younger and slimmer than I am now!
You can call me an old man, a senior, over the hill, older than dirt, past it, ready for retirement and I'm good with all of that. But, primarily, I would like you to call me The Rocking Chair Expert because that's also what I am! I know how to make the most stylish, comfy and durable rockers you'll find anywhere. Plus, it's something I have a real passion for and it keeps me going everyday. It's good to be doing something for a living that I really love and I am so fortunate and blessed to be in that good place.
I'm also blessed to have had so many wonderful customers over the years, so a big THANK YOU! for all your kind support.

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