Assembling Your Chair -- It's so easy!

Assembly Instructions for The Brooklyn Rocker

All of my chairs assemble in a similar fashion.  Design-accurate instructions will be provided along with all necessary hardware and an allen key.



1. Lay one of the upholstered sides face down on the floor so that the bolt holes are facing up.


2. Set the seat on the side (neatly sewed seams facing front of chair) and install the two SHORT BOLTS in the holes, thru the seat sides and threading loosely into the rocker sides.

3. Lay the other rocker side down and repeat process with the other side. Stand chair up on it's rockers.

4. Lay seatback across seat facing down and open back up - fabric is fastened at bottom with velcro. You will see 4 bolt holes, 2 on each side.  (If you purchased a Wingback model, there will be 2 additional holes on either side near the top for the wings.)


5. Thread the LONG BOLTS into the upper holes threading into the seat sides. Swing chair back upright and pushing on the lower part of the seat-back to compress the seat foam a bit, thread the lower LONG BOLTS into the lower holes. You are almost finished!



6. Tip chair forward so it's resting on the front legs. This makes tightening all 8 bolts easier. Tighten all bolts until they are VERY SNUG and there is no movement between the parts.



7. Pull back fabric down and hook on velcro on bottom snugly in place. Tip chair upright on it's rockers and enjoy!`