Tour The Nursery

Here are some of my rocking chairs in various nurseries.  Many of these chairs are made with customer-supplied fabric.  I love sharing customer rooms and would welcome pix of yours.  Show me how you would style one of my chairs.  Imagine the possibilities!


Everyone loves sharing a rocker with Mr Bear!

Gorgeously styled nursery featuring a Brooklyn Wingback Rocker

A Naptime also looking gorgeous
A touch of the nautical

Care loved her Jamestown Wingback


Brooklyn in Fatima’s lovely nursery

This Jamestown with stone fabric goes perfectly in this botanical nursery
Looks like a million!  Naptime with buttons and linen

You can never go wrong with a basic grey Naptime.

She'll grow into it.
Grey and peach are so soothing together
How about grey chevrons?
This client added matching curtains for her Naptime Rocker
A Strandmond conversion using the runners I supply.
Oatmeal linen on a Naptime gives a beautiful neutral look
One of my first Naptimes, styled nicely in this nursery
So bold and eye-catching!
Cozy corner for this Naptime Set



Stripes add a bold touch
Love Is...a custom chair from Off Your Rocker!
Loved their Naptime set so much that they put it in their living room.