Sewing Plus Woodworking Go Together Perfectly!

Posted by Frank Bray on

Woodworking is only half of my business; the other half is the upholstery work. That involves a lot of sewing to finish the chairs perfectly.

When I was a small child my mother sewed some of my clothes on an old Singer sewing machine and I used to hang around watching her work.  When my sister came along she made pretty dresses for her. Fast forward 30 years and I was getting into woodworking and starting to make rocking chairs.  I wanted to learn how to sew to make the chairs more professional looking.  I bought a cheap sewing machine that came with an instructional video of basic stitches,  watched that carefully and taught myself how to sew. I've always been creative and had a definite knack for it. I've put that skill to use with my chairs.

Over the years I've sewed the fabric panels for hundreds of chairs,  each one a work of art.   But when I can find time I enjoy making other things,  so I've made many quilts and outdoor cushions,  place mats etc. I've had a few requests for replacement glider rocker cushions too.  I have so many happy customers! I love sewing as much as I love woodworking.

The two halves of my business mesh together perfectly! That's how I make such beautiful chairs. A perfect blending of two different skill sets. 

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