Quality Craftsmanship - Hand-Made in Canada

Small-town Craftsmanship


Every one of my chairs is handmade individually, built to order.  No factory assembly lines, just me in my workshop. This is what I do for a living, so I really care about my customers! You can call or message me anytime and speak to me about your order.  You won't find this kind of personalized attention at a big retailer. Service the way it used to be!



How It Began


A friend brought a 1910 Mission-style Rocker to me which was a wedding gift for her grandparents.  The runners had been broken and the chair left in a basement for decades.

I was able to make new runners for it, matching the stain as well.

While studying the chair, I was able to figure out how to replicate the design as well as knock-it-down for shipping.  The shipping ability allows me to send chairs throughout Canada.


Custom-Built To Order


I started off in a tiny unheated storage shed, and after that first Canadian winter, I assembled a 10x10 garden shed.  Ten years later, I work out of my garage with three times the space.





Every chair is assembled for testing before it is passed along to the eagerly waiting customer.  I want to ensure that each chair rocks perfectly.



Over a thousand satisfied customers are rocking away!