Ikea Strandmon Hack Conversion Rockers (Finished)

Ikea Strandmon Hack Conversion Rockers (Finished)

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Do a google search and you'll find a number of sellers offering conversion rockers for the Ikea Strandmon chair.  Here's why my conversion rockers are superior:

  • My rockers are laminated of separate thin pieces of wood so the grains bend with the rockers making them extremely strong and durable.  Other rockers are cut from single pieces of wood and have grains that go across them, and that's where the rockers will always have a weak spot and break
  • made of poplar or pine, depending on what is available. These are good solid rockers
  • Some places will drill the holes for you but at a preset spacing and I know from experience that these Ikea chairs have legs that are now anywhere from 21-22 inches apart on centre.  So other places won't be able to guarantee a good fit but I will since I go by the customer's own measurements. These are totally custom-made pieces
  • Quality made in Canada by me,  an experienced craftsman.  I've been making these conversion rockers for over 10 years with hundreds of satisfied customers.
  • In addition to your custom rockers,  I also provide you with 4 wood screws to attach these to your chair,  so handy and convenient!

These runners comes with holes pre-drilled to fit the Strandmon wingback chair only. PLEASE NOTE that Strandmons purchased after April 2015 have subtle changes and this hack may result in the chair leaning too far backwards. The solution for this is the switch the legs on the chair around ie. put the front legs on the back of the chair and the back legs on the front, then install the rockers. According to my other customers this works perfectly. This is expertise I have gained from years of experience! My experience can help you achieve perfect results!


The generic runners -- without pre-drilled holes -- are suitable to convert or repair any other chair.

The runners measures approximately 34" long by 1 1/2" thick by 1 3/4" wide. They come unfinished and with 4 wood screws to easily attach to your Ikea Strandmon chair.   These rockers come FINISHED with your choice of  white/black paint,   walnut stain (dk brown) or a clear natural varathane finish.  Please specifiy when going thru checkout, there is a place to leave notes. 

 FREE SHIPPING on this item anywhere in Canada (please select Local Pickup at checkout for Cdn customers).    $35 flat rate to the U.S.  

Please Note: These Ikea chairs now have legs that can vary between 21-22 inches apart so I will need you to measure yours so I can get the holes drilled correctly to fit.   Please measure at the bottoms of the legs,  from the centre of the front leg to the centre of the back leg,  on both sides,  and let me know.  Thank you!


These runners can be shipped worldwide -- if you are outside North America, please contact me for rates.   Turnaround times for these is 14-21 days. 

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