Premium Seat Upgrade For Your rocker!

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Make any rocker truly luxurious with this Premium Seating Package.  This upgrade can be added to any base rocker model. 

Includes an engineered wood seat frame with hardwood corner blocks, natural jute webbing in the rocker seat (standard chairs have a curved, solid seat base). The webbing adds more "give" to the seating and makes it sofer than the standard seat.  The seat frame is screwed and glued together for durability. You can add this package to any rocker.  The Jamestown model comes standard with these upgraded seats. 


The standard chairs offer firm yet comfortable support much like a good office chair, while the Premium Seat is is little bit softer and a bit more like an easy chair. The premium seat is also slightly higher at about 18" from the floor to the top of the seat, while the standard chair is about 17.5" high.

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