Hi Frank!

We received the rocking chair in the mail on Friday (that was fast shipping!). My husband put the chair together and said it was very easy to do and took no time at all.

We LOVE the chair! I love how it's short and that my feet touch the floor when I sit in it. It's going to be perfect when I have a baby in my arms and won't have to struggle to get out of it!

I just wanted to share with other people how great of a chair they can find out there for a great price too and with great customer service. And of course I love that I got something that was custom made to our specifications....you can't get that from a "big box" baby store, especially for the price! I hope some other soon to be parents consider ordering from you, I know they won't be disappointed!

Thanks again!


Hi Frank,

Sorry it took a while for me to get back to you. My rocker and ottoman actually arrived right to my door on the 26th, so I was very pleased with how fast they shipped! That day, I opened the box just to have a peek and was very impressed with how well the parts were packaged. I assembled the set today and it was a breeze. I absolutely adore this set! I knew I would like it, but I am pleasantly surprised that I LOVE it. It is the first piece of furniture in my nursery, and I can't wait to get the rest of the room together now. I am so appy to have found an economical alternative to those ugly gliders. I think this set is excellent value for the price and will easily transition to another room in my house down the road. The day I found your website, I felt that I had stumbled across a gem, and I was right. Thank you so much - I am thrilled with the whole experience - exceptional service and product! I will be highly recommending you to all my friends who are having babies!

Take care,


We got the rocker it went together like a dream, and it looks wonderful. My daughter loves it! And young Ronan really loves being rocked in it. Shannon promised me she would get you pics just as soon as she gets a free second!

As a matter of fact I may well be ordering a second one in the near future because my husband, who put it together and gave it a quick test, said it was one of the most comfortable chairs he had ever sat in and "since my favorite chair is beginning to die I should just order one of these."

Thanks again!


Hi Frank

Everthing has been so busy lately that I am not sure I remembered to thank you for the BEAUTIFUL rocker!

It was easy to put together and looks abosolutely amazing in our baby girl's nursery. We have had tons of compliments on it. Friends had a shower for us at our house and we were proud to show off our custom rocker.

I also really appreciate how you got it here so fast!

Thanks again, we will recommend you to friends and family.


Hi Frank,

I am speachless!!!!!!!!!! I got the chair and the ottoman yesterday and put it together myself. They are wonderful. I am so pleased. you have no idea how much more enjoyable nursing is now!!!!!!! I can't get out of it... it is so incredibly comfortable.

THANK YOU! I think this was one of the best purchases we made for our daughter. My husband loves it too. It was totally worth the wait.

all the best


The chair is fantastic. I put it together and sat on it and it is absolutely perfect. I might have to get another one :)

Thank you so much!!!!!


Hello Frank,

The rocking chair arrived yesterday! I must admit that we had some reservations buying the chair having only read the info and testimonials on your website, but you did not disappoint. The chair is wonderful; very clean design, excellent workmanship, very solid, and a breeze to assemble. We are very pleased and look forward to may hours of rocking with our new baby.
Best regards,


Hi Frank

Ohhhhh it's so nice! Thank you, you did a great job! The chair is perfect and I got to rock my son to sleep tonight. I've been waiting for that for a while. Thank you again Frank. All the best.


Hello Frank!!!

I am going to try to make this as brief as I can but I had to email you to tell you that I LOVE MY ROCKER!!!
Here is my story....

My brother and sister in law had purchased for me a regular puffy rocker and ottoman from Babies R Us that I had registered for....few weeks later my brother tells me that he had seen this amazing country style handmade rocker he thought I would love and that he didn't get the details in time so I was curious what my baby brother had seen with such passion that I would love so much as he said. So he shows me your website and I absolutely loved the yellow lamb nursery rocker he showed me. That day, that rocker was all I could think about but not wanting to offend him as he had already bought and assembled the other chair!

I took the chance to tell him how much I loved it and all I could think about and how I pictured 20 years from now me explaining the cute story how Uncle Antonio picked this chair out from Ontario handmade from someone special...so we decided we are going to give our grandmother the other rocker for Christmas and my brother ordered the yellow lamb rocker for me!! It arrived super quick and my husband put it together super easy and I just squealed with love! It is not only beautiful, but country old fashioned, home made with love and handpicked out by my brother! I am passing around your card and info to my friends but told them they can't copy my cute lamb patterned chair!

Thanks so much to you for your talent, creativity and pure passion for beautiful work!!

Take Care and me and my baby Ava love our rocking time in your rocker!!


Hi Frank,

Canada Post delivered the rocker today. I just finished assembling it
and having a short sit. It is just wonderful. I look forward to leaving it to my grandchildren.


Hi Frank

It's here--it arrived this morning. I put the rocker together myself--which I might add--was very easy toooooo do..!!! I think my husband and I are going to do a lot of fighting-over who's sitting in the rocker--it's just so roomy--I just love it--Thanks so much for building my rocker and getting it here for my Thanksgiving gathering..!!! I wanted to let you know-it arrived safely-that I put it together-and I love it-so much! Thanks Frank for making me such a wonderful and comfortable rocking chair--sitting in it brings back a lot of memories--of my grandfather's rocking chair when I was a little girl--I am so excited-and it does look very nice-in it's new home..!!!!

Take care Sally

Hi Frank

I received the rocker yesterday and it's beautiful. I just love it. It's comfy and the perfect size. We put it together and it fits perfectly in the nursery. Thanks again for everything!


Hi Frank

Wanted to let you know the chair and ottoman arrived. We put them together this week and they are so beautiful and very comfortable. You do beautiful work and will gladly recommend you to anyone looking for a rocker. The extra size is perfect although I do sometimes feel like a kid when I sit in it, but Spencer loves having something that fits right.

Thanks again



I got the rocking chair and I got a notice that my footstool is at the Post Office to be picked up. I love the chair-it was exactly what I wanted and it's so comfortable. I'm sure the footstool will be perfect too.

Thanks again,


I received my nursery rocker, footstool, pillows, tote bag, and surprises. I love everything!! My husband just finished a few minutes ago putting the rocker and footstool together, and it looks so pretty in the playroom! The white rocker and the fabric match perfectly! Also, it's so comfortable. I love the high back. I'm well pleased! It's been great doing business with you I'll definitely tell others about you. Thanks again so much!


Hi Frank

Can you believe it? The footstool was delivered today, the 27th! I am so pleased with it is just exactly perfectly what I have been wanting! I could never seem to find just the right size and style until now - this is great! My husband had Just arrived home from a business trip when the mail was delivered and was able to assemble the footstool in minutes, he also sends his compliments on your fine handiwork. Thank you so much for the personalized attention, taking the time to send the fabric choices and the sizing adjustment is just right for me. I just can't say enough about how happy I am, you are so kind and pleasant to deal with, the stool is sturdy and attractive, securely packaged and arrived very quickly.

Thank you very much Frank, and again, if ever I encounter anyone interested in rockers, footstools or other items you construct you can be sure I will recommend you highly!

Best wishes for continued success.


Off Your Rocker makes the perfect gift for your family or friends!!