Chair Assembly

1. Fasten runners to side assemblies. Turn side assemblies upside down to do this. It would be good to place them on a soft surface – ie. A towel or carpet to prevent scratching the arms. Screw runners to side assemblies using the 2 inch wood screws provided, runner A to side A, and runner B to side B.

2. Turning the seat on its side, fasten each side assembly to it using the connector bolts threaded into the internal threads in the seat frame (you will see small holes in the seat sides). Finger tighten these bolts only, leaving some slack.

3. Stand seat assembly upright on the runners. You are now ready to attach the seat back.

4. Lay the seat back across the seat facing down. Starting from one side, hold the bottom of the seat up and insert connector bolt into upper threaded hole (hole just below arm) and finger tighten. Repeat with other side.

5. Swing seat back into upright position. Pushing seat bottom forward, insert connector bolt into lower holes, one side, then the other side. It may be helpful at this point to have a second person holding the chair in place, as you will have to push the bottom of the seat forward, compressing the seat foam, until you can thread the bolt into the hole.

6. Tighten connector bolts with hex key until snug.

Nothing left now but to sit back and enjoy your new chair!