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What Makes A Great Rocking Chair?

A couple of things. Firstly, they have to rock smoothly. There is nothing more annoying than a rocking chair that is lumpy or off-balance. I make my chair runners (the curved parts the chair pivots on) from carefully selected piece of thin wood, laminating them together to form perfectly curved, perfectly matched pairs. These runners are very strong for years of reliable service.
For most folks, the seat height of about 17 inches is ideal. This is about the same as an average dining chair. For shorter people, I also make a "short" rocker with a lower seat height of about 15 inches. The right seat height allows your feet to be on the floor while you rock.
The proper balance is also important. A well-balanced chair will keep your centre of gravity towards the back of the seat, and you will neither pitch forward when rocking, nor feel like you are going to fall back, or worse yet, tip over backwards. My chairs have all these features. You may not understand all the geometry involved, but you'll know a good rocker when you sit in one of my chairs.
The first thing anyone does when examining one of my pieces is to touch it! So a great finish is important. It is also very nice to run your hands across the smoothly-finished arms of a rocking chair as you are sitting in it, rocking gently.

Company Profile

Frank (the craftsman) and Matt (retail)

Welcome to my online workshop. Come in, have cup of hot coffee and browse the hand-crafted pieces I have to offer.
My name is Frank Bray. Since making my first rocking chair in 2004, I've crafted hundreds of chairs, and I've learned to listen closely to the needs of my customers.

That's why I believe in custom orders to ensure you get the perfect chair for you!
All of my chairs are based off one built in 1910, which I repaired for a friend. That Mission Rocker is still in use today and in the same family too!
My workshop is located in Eastern Ontario, Canada; this is a largely rural area of farmlands and small villages. I love to go to my workshop in the morning, turn on some classic old music and work away at something I love to do. It certainly helps the day go fast and most days are not long enough. From this geographic spot, I can ship my chairs anywhere in North America, from California to Florida, British Columbia to Newfoundland.

About The Footstools and Ottomans

You may find that you'd like an ottoman or a nursing stool to go along with your chair. Most folks do choose the rocking ottoman that matches their rocker. This makes for a very comfy seating experience. Or you may also choose my nursing footstools. These are lower stools that elevate your knees and relieve pressure in the lower back. They are ideal for nursing, or even for use at the computer or just relaxing while reading a book.

About the Nursery Rockers

Most of my chairs are purchased for use in the nursery. New Moms especially appreciate a comfortable place to sit, rock and nurse their newborns. The main difference between my nursery rocker and other chairs is basically the fabrics, which are more neutral and easy to clean. But the designs are the same and any of my chairs can be placed in a nursery.


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Contact Info

Off Your Rocker

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Belleville, Ont. K8P 3E8
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Phone: 613-967-6274

Chair Sizing

Petit 15.5" 20.5" 27" People Under 5'5"

Standard 17" 20.5" 27" People 5'6" to 6'1"

Tall-Guy 17" 20.5" 29" People 6'2" and up

Wide-Boy 17" 22.5" 27" standard chair just wider

Assembly Instructions

Rocking chairs assemble quickly and easily. We supply all hardware and a hex key, you only need 15 minutes and a "Robertson" (square-head) screwdriver. Click link below.

Chair Assembly Instructions

Here is 5'6" Matt sitting comfortably in a standard size glider rocker he just finished assembling.